Changed something – unit tested it and surrounding code. Sometimes things work and sometimes they don’t, desk test the code, it works. Chop out driving queries and replace variables with constants, they work. Still the view I’m trying to get working doesn’t. My brain hurts. After 5 hours I think I’ve got a handle on it. It was the test, I think, where I was reusing some historical data and making a change (laziness, I confess) to run it in the new environment. AAAAAARRGGGHHH an’ stuff. I will revisit my test harness on Monday and do something else today that needs doing – had enough testing for a while.

Finally got my hair cut – no longer look like escaped wild man of Borneo from a travelling show. Regrew beard recently, not sure if it’s here to stay but Rosie and the kids prefer it because it doesn’t scratch them. I tried slicking hair back until I could get it cut and looked like Nicholson in The Shining

coming through the door with an axe, had some fun with crazy eyes and loud voice.

We had a survey from the council recently, didn’t have a chance to vent spleen at the 10 ft bus lane that will cause an accident one day because R filled it in. Wanted to put something like the person who put in the 10 foot bus lane at the library should not be allowed near sharp objects and only let out of the rubber room very occasionally. NBD.

Yesterday at Nomads went OK. Difficult to do too much because I didn’t want to scare the little ones. D&J good (hurrah and lawks a mercy).

J at child and family today, still working on difficult behaviour but he’s doing well (and so are R & I, it takes 2 to have a scene).

Tomorrow busy – R running bellboat session at Chester for Cubs and Guides. Me running round taking D to ballet and tap. Sunday off paddling, I think.