Posted a note on the Today noticeboard saying that I was tired of the blanket coverage of WoMaD on the news and wanted the incompetent, innumerate education secretary to be grilled on why my kid’s school has been forced to make all of the classroom assistants redundant as well as one teacher. It won’t do, making all those promises about education and then breaking them. It’s not there now … probably got moderated out of sight. (hey, the beeb are using Perl – I thought they were wall to wall MSft).


Recently discovered, and I really like it.

I’m thinking of writing an article on Java vs. Lisp after reading a Paul Graham article Not that I disagree with him, just that I think the Java crew are standing on the shoulders of giants because of all of the libraries and the open source movement. I think that Lisp would be by far the best for new problems because it isn’t so low level, but with Java you just assemble components.

No work on Jisp, too tired after my holiday.

I really admired the site, have a look. He has a fresh view on most things, if a bit angry. I sent a mail expressing my opinion and taking the opportunity to indulge in some sarcasm about children’s names.


Ran a 3* session at West Kirkby Marine Lake yesterday, did about half of the syllabus. People have a lot of trouble with the hanging draw, and I still don’t know why it’s there, except that it’s probably someone’s pet stroke. The youngsters need to work on their strokes, standard not high enough. Off to Nomads tonight to run a session for the paddlepower beginners.

Ah well, back to work I suppose.