We aren’t doing as well as we hoped so 3 of my IT colleagues were sacrificed to keep the shareholders happy. One of them is the best manager I have ever worked for. We didn’t know he was going until the rumour mill told us late in the afternoon. I’ve seen better-handled road accidents. We still don’t know who we are reporting to, what the priorities are, who is responsible for pastoral care blah blah.


Whit week just gone I went with the canoe camping club to their Mordiford (nr. Hereford) meet. Had a good week paddling and training people. Paddled the white water section of the Lugg (North of Leominister), which was a little low, but had some good play waves on the old Victorian weirs. The new weirs were very scary and we portaged round them. Symonds Yat is becoming a bit of a joke, with only one decent surf wave below the island. Hopefully now it’s been bought by the BCU someone can sort it out. There’s rumours that there’ll be a fucking committee to manage it, when all is needed is allowing the local paddlers access to build the fish gates up in low water.

Dance Show

Deborah was in a dance show organised by her dance school. It was surprisingly good, the last one was very worthy but naff. I was very proud of her but we were on the wrong side of the stage to see her properly. The video will doubtless follow.

Irritable bowels

Lovely. I know you want to read this. I lost a day at work because of pains in my guts (meaning I had no sleep) and Rosie made me go to the doctor. I’ve got/had a mild dose of IBS, not the runs just the pain. It’s responded well to treatment and I’m OK now. It was lucky I got it sorted before my holiday. I’m toning down the spice in my diet. I missed an initiation from my teacher because I felt I needed to sort things out at home as well.

Ah well, back to the SOS.