Well then, well then.

Went to the Everyman to see a production by Broads with Swords

who are an all-female company that do lots sword fighting and so on. The play was about Shakespeare’s female characters always killing themselves and Tara Loft (sic) getting mixed up with them and persuading them not to do it. Lady Macbeth managed to gain control and get herself a better ending at the expense of the others so reality had to be restored. If you didn’t know Bill’s stuff you’d have found it a bit confusing. Also they could have tried saying the blank verse rather than shouting it, which may have helped a bit. I still enjoyed it but the first 15 mins or so were hard work. Ophelia sticking her head in a bucket (which was then used to wash Celopatra’s asp) was very funny.

Werk like, la

Finally know who our manager is, and it is in fact a very intelligent choice. Our group is being realigned with one of the other departments and it all makes sense. Good. Getting down to some solid code delivery, always a nice feeling when things haven’t been going well.

Didn’t get paddling this weekend, still too tired. Don’t know what’s the matter with me, this keeps happening.