Went to see REM at the Old Trafford Criket ground on Sunday. They were headlining the final day of the Move festival.


Pretty predictable stuff from the USA. The Foos have already done this and done it better.

Athlete. An English Steely Dan (or a new incarnation of the Jam). Eclectic and competent. Listeneable but I’m not sure I could be arsed buying their album.

John Squier. Ex Stone Roses guitar player. Really good, did some old SR stuff, heavy R&B/Stones feel but still sounded original. Has influences but not a slave to them.

Idewild. Dull stuff played well. Sounded like a poor man’s REM at times (Stipe said he liked them). Other times just thrash.

Badly Drawn Boy. Interesting and has a brain. It’s a shame that he had to light a ciggie every number. I liked his stuff and will probably buy some.

REM. Well, one of the best bands in the world and it shows. Did the old favorites and the new stuff had plenty of juice. Supposed to be a best of coming out soon which I will probly buy because I’ve got most of their stuff on tape or vinyl which I can’t cope with these days.