Struggling to test stuff because things are buried very deep in the database. Very excited because broadband getting installed tomorrow (well ISDN ceased).

Roger recommended that we use an old box as a firewall

, wire it to the ADSL modem with a network card and then wire that out to my home network. Smoothwall will do the DNS/MAC firewall crap. They have a (highly recommended) version that runs for the corporate market. Roger is very kindly going to set me up a machine with the GPL on, me not having any old kit to reconfigure.

Going to set up a wireless network, recommended USRobotics, apparently you can just get a firmware upgrade and go straight to 802.11g! UK bods have a look on scan, LN4501 etc.

Had to fill in a half year review form, expressing my goals and wants for the next six months. Very worried to discover that I just don’t give a toss and don’t want anything either.

Just discovered Rage Against the Machine – like it, but then I always was a metal kid and still have a lot of my own anger to work through anyway.

Onward and backward.