Went for a paddle around Winsford flash and then up the river Weaver. Rosie did the swimming/ballet run. It was good day and the weather held.Paddled up against the current through a forest that was part of the flood plain. I remember reading that rain forests are not just a tropical thing but also happen in other climes (obviously with different trees). Maybe this was one.

We spooked a cormorant that kept diving and appearing a few metres away from us.Lunched at a sunny spot and then tried to get up to the weir but our way was blocked by a fallen tree. The current was a bit more challenging after lunch because the river had narrowed. I was volunteered to jump out and inspect but the weir was washed out.

The journey back was much quicker, which was just as well because my shoulder injury was starting to play up in the cold. Getting cold at lunch is one of those things that happens sometimes.

Back on the lake we saw 6 cormorants and a large flock of Canada geese. Dek (who is in his eighties) said that when he was an ornithologist in the 1950’s you had to travel a long way to see these geese, now they are everywhere.

A good day.

Came back to no parking because of the football. Took kids to the library, J is still being an inventor with books on lasers and electricity. I think D will either write or critic.

Rosie and I fell out with J because he won’t write his christmas thank-yous, even on the Mac. Ah, the joys of parenthood.

The day ends on a surreal note because we are having buffalo stew. Rosie got the buffalo and also some ostrich at a farmers’ market.