Finally got poetry up on website

. This is stuff I typed up for an anthology a friend is involved with, may be published, may not.

Put up the PDF with more of the System Error story, which needs some thought.

Went to a pantomime last night put on by a local youth drama group (Off the Ground Youth Theatre). My daughter knows one of the kids involved. The usual weird synchronicity stuff meant that one of the kids playing the lead is also a member of the canoe club. It was well done and a very high standard. If you live near the Grosvenor Theatre (Port Sunlight UK), check it out this weekend. The theatre was advertising an Elvis night and the Hooton Weavers, but I think I’ll give them a miss.

Work DAF, writing up user stories for the next release of our product. Necessary but boring.

I’m out on a social paddle this weekend, should be pleasant if the weather holds.