When you invoke the workflow configuration assistant as supplied with 2.6 you get:

Exception in thread “mai” java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: WfFrame
        at WorkflowCA.main(Compiled Code)

Good, innit? You can also run the assistant by going to <oracle_home>wfinstall and running wfinstall.bat (unix peeps change as necessary).

I went to the top workflow directory looked for .jar files. Found them in javaoracleappsfndwfjar. Aha, says I, let’s put these in the class path. I took a copy of wfinstall, renamed it to mywf.bat and changed it thusly:

rem Oracle Workflow install script
rem Make sure all arguments are assigned or java will hang
set classpath=;D:Program FilesOraclejre1.1.7librt.jar;D:Program FilesOraclejre1.1.7libi18n.jar;d:ora9iwfinstallWorkflowCA.jar;d:ora9ijlibewt-3_3_6.jar;d:ora9ijlibshare-1_0_8.jar;d:ora9ijlibswingall-1_1_1.jar;
set classpath=%classpath%;D:ora9iwfjavaoracleappsfndwfjarfndbalishare.jar
set classpath=%classpath%;D:ora9iwfjavaoracleappsfndwfjarfndewt.jar
set classpath=%classpath%;D:ora9iwfjavaoracleappsfndwfjarfndswing.jar
set classpath=%classpath%;D:ora9iwfjavaoracleappsfndwfjarwfapi.jar
set classpath=%classpath%;D:ora9iwfjavaoracleappsfndwfjarwffrm.jar
set classpath=%classpath%;D:ora9iwfjavaoracleappsfndwfjarwfjava.jar
set classpath=%classpath%;D:ora9iwfjavaoracleappsfndwfjarwfmon.jar
“D:Program FilesOraclejre1.1.7binjre” -classpath  “%classpath%” WorkflowCA /wfdir D:ora9iwf /orahome d:ora9i  /wintz “GMT Standard Time” /systemroot “C:WINDOWS

(you’ll have to join some of the lines and change directories as needed yourself).

This appears to work but I haven’t yet had time to run it to the end.

Why doesn’t the Oracle Installer create this batch file properly? It can’t have been tested, or worked!

New info 06-AUG:

Workflow 2.6 needs to be installed into an 8i home. It seems to install OK into a 9i database from an 8i home. Once you have installed the 8i client and then installed WF into there it works first time without having to mess with the wfinst.bat file.