I suppose beggars can’t be choosers but in Rational Rose and all of the books the swim lanes go down the page, not across, which means that you can get a lot more on a page. Makes me think that they cribbed the tool from Designer, which did swim lanes across as well. I know it sounds pedantic but it’s non-standard, and that irritates me. An option to switch orientation would be nice.

It doesn’t like duplicated names across diagrams and expects you to reuse objects. This is good, excellent in fact, but dragging and dropping doesn’t seem to work in the case of object flows. The only way I’ve found to include them is to right click and select add to diagram, which is not the most intuative thing I’ve ever come across.

You can’t rename diagrams, you can rename anything else. This means that calling your diagram, say, create asset, means that you can’t have a process called create asset. The only way round this is to shut JDeveloper down and rename or delete the diagram file. Irritating and unnecessary.

Before I realised that I could drag and drop swim lanes onto diagrams I tried to create swim lanes with the same name and it didn’t like this either. Why does it matter if you have a duplicated swim lane name? That said, maybe the non-informative message could just suggest you drag the one you’ve already defined.

I think the duplication check could do with some common-sense rules applying and more helpful error messages.

I have raised this in a Metalink enhancement request but am not holding my breath.