If you learn from your mistakes then all is well and good. On the other hand, if you carry on doing the same old thing forever you are in deep shit. Yesterday we relaunched our business with a meeting that Joanna was kind enough to help us with. After a frenzy of contacting people we managed to get only three to come and see the business offering. That said one of them was very interested in it.

The second session was not a success because I hadn’t checked back with the people coming and qualified them properly. A lesson learned. I was very embarassed because Joanna had travelled so far, but she seemed quite relaxed about it. There is an adage in the business: only about 15% of your time will be directly productive but that 15% will make you rich beyond the dreams of avarice.

Worth doing? I think so.

So. the next thing to master is qualifying people better and then the follow up.