Christ, I dunno

One of those things. Loads going on but not space to sit back and think about it. The printing press of life continues to weave some kind of bloody narrative. Bones and guts and living. Things falling apart, not satisfactory. Pushing like crazy and the door opens on another door.

Spent last week at the Canoe Camping Club meet at Mordiford (Hereford, about 10 miles out) paddling up and down the river Wye. Did some training and 2*assesment. The main thing that happened was me realising what Buddha meant when he talked about things being unsatisfactory, even if you have a good life, there is always dukkha, which is translated as being unsatisfactory. Just think about it, you get settled with your book or cup of tea or whatever and even if nothing happens either the thing you are enjoying ends or you need to attend to some biological thing.

Unsatisfactory doesn’t cut it, really, its a very deep malaise. If you can’t live in the moment and treat everything that happens as empty, and not having any particular form that forces you to act, even in some minor way, you’re fucked.

Getting on top of my new job. There’s a lot to do and I’m worried about having the authority to make things happen, but what can I do other than push and try to make sure people start talking and understanding each other’s point of view?

Reading a great book called The Leader’s Digest by Jim Clemmer, which gives a lot on how to help people to grow, I say help because people will do nothing if you try and make them. It’s all in short digestible lumps. The only problem is that it runs together.

Had a good BBS last Sunday. One of the speakers was talking about the wellness industry (food supplements and so on) vs. the sickness industry (keep your chronic conditions while we charge you for treating the symptoms). Apparently most modern vegetables only contain about 10% of the goodness they used to. When I can find it I will post the URL’s he gave here for others to read.

Time for sleep. Very tired but didn’t want to go to bed because it only involves waking up again, Dukkha, what can I say? If I could only stop time and rest properly. Time is an illusion brought on by things moving about, but how can you stop them when the processes appear to be outside of you. Think about it. If there is no barrier between subject and object then what is moving? (getting a bit Zen there, I need to go to my bed)

Will post a longer report about the Rivers Access Rally in Chester when it’s happened on Sunday.

Have fun