A lot has happened in the last few weeks:

5* Training

I went to Plas y Brenin mountain centre for 5* training. This meant that we paddled both sections of the river Conwy. I love this river and intend to make it one that I paddle a lot. The only problem is that the second section has some class 5 stuff that you have to portage if there isn’t enough water. I also portaged some of it because I wasn’t up to it and the consequences of screwing up could have been death (a sump, for those of you who know what one is).

In terms of getting the 5* qualification I can’t even see it with a telescope on a good day. My river reading skills aren’t up to it and I’ve lost my fitness since being made redundant (I’ve also put on most of a stone in weight). My lack of fitness really showed on the second day.

My paddling in general has taken a knock recently in that I’ve copped quite a few swims when I didn’t used to, I think this is at least partly fitness.

I recommend PYB, lovely site, top tutors (Franco Ferrero – author of the classic Whitewater Safety and Rescue – was my tutor; you can’t get better than that, can you?)


Found a gym near to where I work (a couple of miles). I will probably join it next week. This week I’m very busy going to meetings and trying to get some boating in.


I’ve decided to start taking the Amway stuff seriously and am even as I write going to a presentation at the Novotel in Nottingham. Basically it isn’t a rip off and you could make some serious money if you work at it. It isn’t a get rich quick scheme. To be honest, if I can live at home and take a less well-paid job I’ll be happy. The business proposition is very simple and works.

Non-paddle at the Washburn

We drove all the way there (100 miles) to discover that it wasn’t open. The alternative of the river Wharfe was open but there wasn’t any water in it. Had a nice cream tea.

Holme Pierpoint

Had a good paddle on Thursday and mastered one of the simple waves. Rolled a couple of times.


Travelling home takes a long time. The M6 is nearly always solid after Stoke. I went across country on the A500 and up the A51 (I’m turing into an a-road bore, help!!!).

Oracle objects and queues

Becoming an expert in this but can’t be bothered doing a big post on it. Also discovered pipe functions which can be used as tables. Doubtless I will find a use for them.

Love to all.