I was talking to one of my developer mates about my generator software that creates your implementation beans and then the rest of the EJB typing for you. I have just been trying to get it working and when I ask JDeveloper to check the EJBs it throws a wobbly, all sorts of exceptions not there, methods missing blah blah. Oh wucking funderful, says I, I’ll have to edit my templates and generally mess with them to get it going. Mate says – why not use XDoclet? I reread the stuff about XDoclet and realise I’ve wasted a lot of time when I could have just generated the implementation beans and got on with it! GAH! XDoclet was originally called EJBDoclet and was meant for doing the donkey bit of EJB development. It even supports the value class pattern. I wouldn’t mind, but I’ve already mentioned it in this blog in the past.

There’s no accounting for your own stupidity, but the path of your own groove often has very high walls it’s difficult to see over.


Had a go with WiFi in Nottingham, went to a pub called the Corn Market (need to check this). They have a quiz machine that is wired with broadband. Part of this involves buying a token to use the network. I had a bit of hassle because XP (or the USR driver) was being picky about the network being insecure and wasted some time on it. The tech help (from the Cloud) was very good, ringing me back and so on. You SMS them and they SMS you back with the info. If you are a BT Openzone subscriber you can use your Openzone account; fine sez me, I’ll become a subscriber because it’s a little cheaper. I can’t get anyone at BT to sell me one of their products. They’re useless and the numbers on the web site take you to the wrong call centre. I will persist, but why can’t I just put my credit card in somewhere and get a king user ID?

I have also installed personal firewall on the laptop, not a good idea being open on public WiFi networks.


Now a member of the Holme Pierpoint canone club. It costs £2 to paddle on Wednesdays and Thursdays. Need to get some practice in before I do my 5* training week after next.

Going to sleep now, if all the firework banging cretins in my area will let me.