Response to one of the comments left here by Stuart Luscombe  

“when I was a teenager a mere 10 years ago there just were’t the kind of problems you keep seeing today. If anything I think school’s, parents and the law in general is still too soft on young people who think that because of their age they can get away with anything they like.”

I left school in the late 70’s with 7 ‘O’ levels and a broken nose. Stuff just did’t get reported then. If anything things are better now because schools at least try to deal with bullying, even if they sometimes fail.

My wife is a Guide leader, and I also used do a lot of work helping her and friends who run scouts. Most youngsters are decent, hard working folk just like their parents. They dislike the chav scallywags as much as you obviously do, we’re talking about maybe 5% of the population here, but they get the headlines because it suits our lords and masters to demonise them and frighten the rest of us.

Stuff gets into the Daily Mail because it does’t happen very often – if it were happening all the time then it would’t be news, d’oh?

Get a grip.