Insightful few paragraphs here.  

If John and others are right, the climate change folks look like tools, if they are wrong we might be in deep trouble.

That’s the problem.

That said, I agree that we can overcome difficulties with technology and ingenuity, and the Green fascist types (who want at least 60% of the human race dead and the rest living on cardboard) tend to see the world as static and unchanging don’t get this. But then the whole racist Malthusian project always becomes fashionable when the economy’s in trouble. It’s quite likely that global warming will become another one of their arguments for sterilising people who happen to have a skin colour they don’t like.

I was sent a “reasons to go veggie” leaflet by someone who seemed to think that forcing subsistence farmers to grow and eat what vegetarians think is a good idea is ok. Another complacent fat westerner telling people what to do and what they can and can’t eat. It was sickening, and the author of the pamphlet did’t even realise how racist it was. I think the global warming thing is going the same way – there’s a lot of anti-Chinese and Indian sub currents when you read the articles. Interesting, eh?