I go for a walk every day. This involves crossing a two bar fence that is made of very thick wood. I have done this for the best part of two years.

As I was walking long I got some aggressive busybody having a go at me, and asking me if I would pay to have the fence repaired if I broke it. I’m afraid I was very rude to him and told him to leave me alone. Then he stared bleating about private land and as far as I am aware the land is owned by the local Council. I told him to grow up and left him to it.

Why am I still angry with him?


24 hours later I’m still angry and did’t sleep properly. This is very boring.

Bootnote 2

Now the council have painted the fence with some kind of grease. I’m going to find out who to complain to if someone’s clothes are damaged or they slip and hurt themselves and get a sign printed saying who to contact. The other thing about Jobsworths is their anonymity.

Bootenote 3

I mentioned this to my Lama because I was a little ashamed at my behaviour and also very surprised at how it had affected me so much. He pointed out that spending a lot of energy opening up your mind and heart to others and then clamping down on it so hard will cause all kinds of mental problems. I need to learn the lesson and not allow my anger to rise. Still does’t mean I have to behave like a doormat or tolerate being shouted at, but the way I deal with it in my mind needs some attention.