I would like to see some proper reporting of the carbon phobia debate.

I would like to see some reporting of the Japanese contention that “climate change” is on a par with astrology. http://www.theregister.co.uk/2009/02/25/jstor_climate_report_translation/

Also it changed its name from global warming (which could’t be proved) to climate change – that’s the inconvenient truth – I want science not religion from scientific publications.

I don’t want to see the bogus “hockey stick” curve on the cover of your reputable magazine ever again, I was going to renew my sub after a long time without reading it regularly except certain editions bought from the news stand and decided not to. It was ill-advised and totally innumerate.

Humans add about 10% to the global amount of CO2 in the atmosphere. It’s reported like we make all of it. Some sense of proportion would be useful. It makes all of your other reporting suspect.

I honestly don’t know what the real issues with CO2 are – but you are’t helping me find out, are you?


I did some digging on the web and discovered that we actually contribute less than 5% of the annual CO2 production. There are other greeenhouse gases that are produced in much bigger proportions by humans, but we need some properly funded, peer-reviewed research with evidence. No more anti-technology, screw-the-poor-we-can’t-do-anything dystopian nonsense.