Teething trouble

Ah well, the tooth extraction did not go well. After my dentist had swung on it for about 20 minutes and not got anywhere (except for a groovy crackling noise in my head) it shattered. I now have the stub of a dead tooth and a bruised and sore gum. Haven’t had a lot of sleep in the last few days with the pain. Ibuprofen and paracetamol together for the first couple of days. It’s beginning to heal up. I went and bought 96 max strength ibuprofen tablets.Paracetamol is quite toxic if you overdo it so I’ve been giving them a wide berth except when the ibuprofen needed some help.

Now I have to wait until a specialist can see me to take out the remains of the tooth, probably just as it settles down again. I reckon he’ll have to cut the gum to get in and then stitch it up. Then another week of misery. Ah well. This is what we all went through as babies but can’t remember. My dharma teacher said that you should take on the pain as part of the pain of all sentient beings, and use it to help you equalise yourself with them, but then take the medicine!


My car’s in for repair so I’m driving a Ford Ka(k) courtesy car. Don’t like it, very noisy, it sounds like the bearings on the back have gone hut it’s only done 4 1/2 k. Probably just a lack of sound insulation. It will cruise on the motorway quite happily but I have to have the CD really loud just to drown out the noise. All these criticisms apart, I would probably consider something like this if I lived in London because you can never get up to more than about 20 mph anyway and their size makes parking a dream. I’d still have to have a proper car for the weekends though.