This busted tooth, driving me nuts, can’t work properly. Gum has been bleeding today for some reason, had to try hard not to wave bloody mouth around the office. Yeuch. Will look into private health insurance cover tonight to see if I can expedite the rest of it.

Form again

Oracle forms has been driving me up the wall again, even with the newer version you still have to occasionally copy/delete/recreate/paste into triggers and program units that either won’t fire or make the form disappear. Something resized some canvases slightly and it now looks wrong on the web forms. I still like it better than any Java IDE because it lets you get on with developing the software. Been having fun making an autoquery function work, had to use the when-mouse-navigate trigger rather than post-item because of the restrictions on post-item. I really like all of the inheritance stuff.


Time management is a total pain in the arse, working at about 50% because of the tooth and lack of sleep, priorities won’t stay still, can’t seem to get anything done. Just apply shoulder to the wheel of dharma, as usual.


Been listening to Pearl Jam. Couldn’t get into them at first but really like the singer’s voice. Mostly Riot Act This is such a happening tailpipe of a party, like sugar the guests are so refined (Bushleager).  I like their politics as well, they’re talking about giving their stuff away and just making money from gigging and had a row with Ticketmaster over the price of tickets – can’t see the Stones doing that, can you? Had a go at Faith No More (the Real Thing) again but still can’t quite get there. Interesting note perfect cover of old Black Sabbath tune but they apparently stopped playing it because it screwed their street cred. I remember the Sabs 1st time around, being so crusty, they were my favourite band before I discovered Free and the Mahavishnu Orchestra.

Baby boom

Found out today that one of my colleagues from Oracle has just had a baby. Haven’t seen her for ages and didn’t even know she was pregnant! Good news, everyone home safe and well. My mate Andy’s wife had one about a week ago as; took the opportunity to nag him about smoking, very naughty of me, but if I can give up anyone can (12 years now).

Another Oracle colleague’s wife is expecting and I emailed him how things were going, house sorted everything ready and then a pipe burst and fucked everything, all the decorating etc. etc. Not a happy bunny. If t’were me I’d get the insurance people to sort it all.


If you like radio comedy have a go at bb7 I also really enjoyed the Now Show (this will go at the end of this week).

Blessings to you all.