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After WW II there was a specific ban on people joining or organising fascist groups, for obvious reasons. AFAIK this ban has’t been appealed for public servants and it is a serious issue for them, I think you sign a piece of paper saying that you will not join such an organisation when you take up employment – you certainly used to in the olden days.

A lot of the anti-nazi types used to try and use this law to stop NF/BNP/et al from organising or speaking in public, but of course the slightly calmer view was that these idiots should be allowed to speak because it becomes very obvious that their opinions are valueless when they open their mouths.

I’d rather have an open debate with these folk than allow them the veneer of respectability a ban gives them. There’s an old quote “I disagree with what you say, but I would die in order protect your right to say it” (wording may not be right). I agree with this view, personally, and it is the exact opposite of what many NuLabur and BNP people believe – in fact, don’t forget, Oswald Mosely (pre-war British fascist leader) came out of the Labour party.

I honestly did’t know Wacky Jaqui was in any political party of note – she certainly acts like no-one else in the universe exists and would doubtless be very keen to ban any speech she does’t like. Be careful what you wish for, it might come true. There’s a sad example of a big campaign against porn somewhere in the antipodes in the 80’s where the first thing the cops did when the law was introduced was raid the left-wing book shops and confiscate all of the literature aimed at lesbian and gay people – be VERY careful what you wish for, they might take it down as evidence and use it against you.