Well, I got paid yesterday, so the bank will get off my back for a while. The consultancy I have CV’d want a phone interview mid Feb so we’ll see what happens there. I’ll have to tone down my apparent arrogance I suppose, but then I have done a lot in my career. I don’t want to leave the team where I am until end of March because it would really damage the work and professionally I can’t leave before then.

After seeing Lama Jampa the other week I was brimming over with confidence and said to the maras (the demons that get in the way), bring it on, and they did! Still functioning OK and managing to work on the things I should be but it’s been hard hard hard. Working on learning classical Tibetan from An Introduction to Classical Tibetan by Stephen Hodge but left the book at home this week. It recommends A Tibetan-English Dictionary: With Sanskrit Synonyms by Sarat Chandra Das and Tibetan English Dictionary of Buddhist Terminology by Tsepak Rigzin which I have ordered from Amazon. This will take the usual 4-6 weeks. Really interesting read in The Handbook of Tibetan Buddhist Symbols by Robert Beer as well.

I’ve got the first chapter of GRTZ written and you can read it here (right click and save as if you want to print it out). I don’t think it’s funny enough yet but set it to Roger for his opinion.

Have fun, children.