Had a guy from years ago ask to connect with me on Linked In.

Thing is, he played practical jokes on me and doctored the screen of the person sitting next to me (who was an employee of the company we were working with, the bully and I were consultants). The screen had a “brown eye” on it. Put it this way, we’ve all got at least one brown eye even if our eyes are blue. The military in the UK have the term “brown eyed boy”, this means someone who curries favour. I leave you to work out what it means. The guy who sat next to me probably thought it was me doing this, and if he had complained it could have got us all sacked with no references – quite rightly. I regret to this day I never stood up to this bully and his little clique of giggling nitwits. I have no idea what this very quiet spoken decent guy had done to the bully to make him do this thing. I suspect nothing other than look like the kind of person who would’t complain – that’s all these idiots need.

I did’t want to link with him, as you can imagine. I pointed out all the things above and said if he had grown up then great, but I was’t sure I could be bothered finding out. He sent me a mail saying “other people” had said he should’t bother with me, I replied that if these other people were his little gang I could’t care less.

This is one of the problems with the all-male IT gang, there is sometimes bullying in large projects and it needs to be stepped on hard. This guy is one of the milder ones from this time, at least one other once squared up to me because I’d dared to change his (not correct) design while he was on holiday. Seriously sad. Nearly asked him to put his bits away.

I am not so naive these days.