Just got an anonymous content-free email sourced from https://Word-of-Mouth.Org

 on my personal email (which isn’t visible anywhere). When I went to try to reply to whoever sent the mail they wanted 20 bux. Another spam rip-off.

Diary Stuff

Discovered that Smoothwall won’t work with by BT Voyager 100 modem. Buying an Alcatel one through Ebay. The Voyager only works properly with my windows 2k machine, not my iMac (itermittent and slow) or the smoothwall Linux (nothing). Pile of crap. If anyone wants it leave me a note here. Rosie thinks I should send it back to BT but I can’t face hours of listening to canned music while I argue with them. Maybe I’ll Ebay it. I’ve got some old ISDN and 10 MB hubs I’ll see if anyone’s interested in too.

3* Course

Got 5 out of my 6 candidates through the test. Very pleased with the result. The lad that didn’t make it was let down by his roll on the day. Interestingly I was teaching above the standard but that’s OK, I think. I thought only 3 of them had a decent chance. One of them had just joined us the week before for some training and sailed through, good for her. (Of course the coaching was excellent).

Tents and bike rides

We didn’t go to the OCA rally in south wales because I didn’t want weather hassles. Instead we went and tried John’s tent out at a hide away site near Delamere (sic). Went for a bike on the Sunday, still very tired. Poor Deb had to fall off but she got on again and showed some gumption, which was very good.

The dome tent was OK for me but Rosie (6’) just didn’t get on with it. I liked the site a lot (no URL, sorry don’t know where it is).

Lama Jampa’s CD

You can get a CD of one of his public talks on the way of Buddhism. Really good introduction and a reminder for the rest of us. His book is on http://www.amazon.co.uk/exec/obidos/ASIN/0722540175/dechen-21/202-2170199-4270206. For the CD contact http://www.dechen.org/.