Imagine a world where everyone is the victim of an illusion. Where the apparent separation of subject and object, of self and other, is simply not real.

Instead, everyone clings to the illusion because of fear and ignorance, which is in turn masked by hatred.

Imagine that you can see through to the underlying, empty unity of it all.

There is no distance then.

There is no other to hate or be hated by.

Neither is there an other to love. Just the vast beauty of the present moment. Even when you pick your nose and are so bored you could scream.

If only you could see it all properly.

It also occurred to me recently (or resurfaced more likely) that if you are the product of your actions (which is what Karma means, it’s nothing to do with punishment) then the other person that injures you is simply your actions from some time ago ripening into something from a seed you planted. How can you hate them? What’s the point? This doesn’t mean that bad people shouldn’t be punished: it’s still their karma after all.

Actually “deserve” is an interesting word: it comes from Latin and means “from service”. So perhaps it is more like Karma than you’d think.

To date I have had my nose broken twice and been hit over the head by a baseball bat. I’ve also had long periods of black depression. I hope I haven’t planted too many more bad seeds.

I am hurrying to plant a lot of good ones as fast as possible.

Back to the techie crap now.