In response to this

Maybe I’m tired but I couldn’t get what you were trying to say, you seemed to wander from point to point and take a long time to do it. Not your usual fare. Demolish the dhds with your usual 3 paras.

It’s easy to mock the utopians but they are a necessary evil in that they try to make things work when others might give up. Personally I like dreamers because they think things can get better and try to make it happen. I agree with you about the dangers of authoritarian streak we keep seeing – but wtf are these nobodies anyway? No-one will use there stuff if they make it too painful to use, and that’ll be very amusing.

Who the hell is the guy giving you the finger and why should I care about him? In the wild world out there I’m more worried about all the things that might kill my kids if we don’t change our behaviour. One nobody waving his finger is neither here nor there.

I’m picky as well: criterion is singular but the guy gave you a list of points so you used the plural form of the verb. The quote later had it wrong as well but I suppose if it’s a quote then …