Back in the 1980’s I wrote a dark novella called The Warm Gun. It’s not autobiographical in a plot sense, but some of the things in it did happen to me. The horrendous beating at the beginning of the book, for example.

The machine it was originally written on died and I had a copy of it on paper, so I scanned it all in and then converted it, I did have the beginnings of a new draft as well.

I have put the new draft with the old and made it make sense.

I’m looking at how to build an audience for my fiction and other works and decided that a relatively pain free way of doing this would be to publish things for the Kindle. So I registered and put it on there, after purchasing a suitable cover picture from iStockPhoto.

The novella isn’t Hollywood, it doesn’t have clear endings, people don’t always get what they want. It doesn’t have that irritating Ruth Rendell thing where the bad guy or gal dies in a fire to expiate their guilt. It also predates me becoming a Buddhist, so some ideas are not ones I currently hold.

In any event, I wanted it to be free but Amazon need to cover the distribution costs, so I made it as cheap as I could. I hope you enjoy it.

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Paul Jackson

I’ve downloaded a copy on to my wife’s Kindle and look forward to reading it – can you sign her Kindle cover!?