I was 44 yesterday. Crap. Not that good a birthday either, as these things go. Bought myself a personal CD player with a car kit so I can listen to my CD collection in the car. Really miss the multichanger in the old car. Ho fkn hum. Spent the day working and driving and trying to sleep. I’m convinced Burger King put caffeine in their Fanta. It’s the only explanation I can find for not being able to sleep. Couldn’t get meditating together today either.

Got a call from an old friend yesterday whom I haven’t seen for at least 12 years. She’s coming to the UK on the 25th so hopefully we can link up.

Catching up

I’m working for a utility company based in Nottingham which is about 100 miles from home. I’ve got a six month contract here and the work is really interesting. The people are good as well. The downside is being away from home 5 nights a week. I’d trade the excellent contract rate for being able to see Rosie and the kids like a shot. I have a blog entry on my laptop but no way of putting it here just yet.

Holme Pierpoint

For those who don’t know this is the National White Water centre and it’s based in Nottingham. I had a paddle there on Tuesday and copped a bad swim. Backrest loose and being cocky. It’s funny how nature humbles you back to the insignificant nothing you really are.

The mind

Was watching the BBC programme about the mind yesterday. Very interesting, all these things starting scientists have discovered that … you can change your personality, you can choose your behaviour, you can learn to be gentle, things are fixed in your childhood but can be altered. Buddhists have known this stuff for two and a half thousand years, without the benefits of MRI scans. Even the bit about the mind being like an orchestra.

Anyway, blessings all, even the dyed geeks.