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XML – sigh

I read Oracle’s early papers on XML DB – “we store the schema and the data separately, with pointers into the data”

Codasyl in disguise. The same with the o-o databases, hierarchical databases – none of this is new at all.

Personally I can write SQL, I understand the syntax and have been using it for over 20 years. Once you realise you’re really working with sets it’s pretty easy to understand.

RDBMS is now just another commodity. I’m happy to use whatever comes next, I currently develop in Ruby on Rails / MySQL and hardly ever have to see the database directly. Interestingly, the people who designed Active Record made 90% stuff really easy and then allow you to drop into raw SQL for the complex, instead of retrofitting the kitchen sink.

I’ll use whatever comes down the pipe, as long as it meets my needs – that’s it.