Well, I suppose I am, given that my parents are both deceased.

But the main thing is that bluesey weariness. Not sure where it comes from. I ‘ve been spending a hell of a lot of energy over the past few weeks getting some software ready for my own company. I feel I now have something to show to people. Next problem is how to market it and turn it into a source of income.

I contacted an old acquaintance who I used to work with when I had the idea for the software. He’s well placed to help me find some people who might be interested in taking the software further into some kind of product. I can’t take it much further on my own efforts at the moment.

I’m working on the “elavator pitch” for the business behind the software so I can show it to him and see if he things it’ll be a runner.

Gotta run – need a reasonably early night for once. Watched “Darkma” late into the night on Friday and wish I hadn’t bothered. A real waste of time being awake. I fast forwarded quite a bit of it because I knew what was coming next.