I was talking about solving problems at a meal today and said that some may not be soluble (to be fair I pronounced it solu-able). Someone corrected me and said that the word was solvable. In fact, soluble is the primary word in my dictionary and solvable is the derivative. I was a good boy and didn’t rip her head off. I think all the self-improvement books I have been reading have helped a lot. The thing is: she has read them too but you wouldn’t notice. Correcting someone at table is not the way anyone who has read Dale Carnegie should behave, neither is it common courtesy. If someone is wrong let them be wrong.

I have no idea why I am so angry about this. Perhaps because I have a maths-based degree and I know what the word that means a problem can be solved is? Anyway, I suppose a Christmas diary entry is in order.

Very quiet. Didn’t do a lot, but we did make a point of going out for walks and even had a paddle on the Dee one day. Rosie walked back up with Jon because he didn’t want to go back in the canoe. I paddled the thing a good mile against the current. Also, because I was chatting, I didn’t notice that I took the long way around one of the bends in the river where the current flows faster. Ho hum.

Went for a nice walk at a country park near J7 of the M56 (Daresbury rings a bell). It was a deer park reserve and we had a very pleasant walk. Went back to a pub called the Old One Hundred and had a meal. Food good but service a bit variable.

Very average new year with the family. I got a bit bored and wanted to go to bed. We had a bagatelle (sic) competition that whiled away some time. I have had a bit of a head cold and my sinuses have been giving me serious gyp so I wasn’t that keen on all this staying up being grown up stuff. Jon stayed up and saw it in with us. Deb had taken herself off to bed. We did have a laugh at times, Jon laughing so hard he cried.

Spent today painting Deb’s room and having another meal as mentioned earlier.

I’m getting a bit fed up and bad tempered now, would like to see people off home and get some time with just the family.

My problem with my feet and ankles has come back. Very sore. Think I need to get rid of the weight I have put on in the last month and start doing my exercises again. Maybe get a stepper machine from ebay or some such.

Forgot. Bought a freeview box. More choice but still a lot of crap. Still tend to be watching CSI, some stuff on BBC2 and C4 and not a lot else. Nice to see Channel 5 in the clear without the snow. Quite like the UKTV History channel. I’d like BBC 3 more if they showed something other than Little Britain which keeps taking funny ideas and overcooking them. I could write that stuff if I had no shame, but I do. I hated the thing about breast feeding the groom at a wedding, just a gross-out pubrescent fantasy with all of the comedy of a broken limb in traction.

Love to all and a happy and prosperous new year. Back to work soon