Catchy title, eh? Back to the boring work stuff:

To block generation of a table you need to set the Complete attribute to N. This attribute is not accessible from the Server Model tab in the editor.

To get to it you need to go to Distribution tab, select the application, then open up the database then schemas and finally thedefault user in the hierarchy.

When you click on a table implementation this parameter will be visible. Set it as appropriate.

If you want to generate; generate from the Distribution tab and it won’t ignore the attribute, it does in the Server Model tab. However sequences aren’t visible so you’ll have to do them separately from here, or generate from the DB admin tab.

The UI for the tool is pants. Needs a rethink.


There may be no implementation created for the tables. Select the tables in the distribution tab and then click the add button. This will allow you to select any that are missing.

If posting this means the next mug in line doesn’t waste half a day then it was worth it …