Seecodez is a project I’m working on in amongst the million other things I’m doing at the moment. I’ve decided to set up a Rails 3 project on my little Evo machine that I can take with me and work on when I’m waiting for things. I use the Evo rather than my MacBook when I don’t want to lug the damn thing about or worry about it getting stolen as the Evo only cost me a few quid.

It’s interesting but you can run Ruby 1.9, Rails 3, Emacs and Google Chrome on an old Pentium 3 with 512MB RAM. It’s not particularly slow, but I am running Ubuntu and not some Microsoft excuse for an operating system.

Discovered that Rails won’t run without open SSL installed on Ubuntu. This is a problem I’ve been through before with Ruby 1.8.6 about a million years ago.

Anyway, I’ve defined my first model. Now need to write some tests and start homing in on the functionality I want.

Progress of a sort.