… and I feel woefully underprepared. I’ve managed to move my score from 60% to 80% in the mock exams. The pass is 62% so I think I will get through. Annoying – I wanted to have a shot at 100%.

Have’t been too well over the last couple of weeks and it’s been hard to get information into my head.

Lots of pressure at work as well, I got told off because I took Friday off to study. Never been told off like that before in my entire career.

I’m in the middle of fixing some stuff that could have been fixed months ago, when it was first written, if the people in the know had tested it then. It now has lots of rough edges that need to be removed and we’ve got about 5 days to do it in. 

Somehow this is supposed to be my fault and I’m supposed to care. I do, inasmuch as I’m a professional and want to see things through, but I don’t inasmuch as it is’t a crisis of my making and I’m not taking responsibility for a lack of bodies on the ground.

Off to bed now, gonna get up early and do some more cramming.