Trying very hard to be a Buddhist but …

Jon was playing in the park with some of his mates. Sitting chatting and an older boy ran up and “borrowed” his bike. All £350 worth. It was paid for by Jon from accumulated years of birthday money, and he really loved it. Cycled off with his mate. Both lads around 16, dark hair, skinny, wearing blue and grey striped shirts. Jon described the thief as “looking a bit simple”, whatever that means.

We drove around (as did one of the other dads) but the scumbags were long gone.

So, if you live in the Birkenhead area and someone offers you a black Giant GTX bike with a non-standard chain guard. Please contact me with the details and I’ll pass them on to the police.

All my life I’ve been on the receiving end of this kind of thing – they were very lucky I did’t find them because I’ve calmed down now. Fancy being on the receiving end of my lifetime’s worth of anger and irritation – bet that would hurt. I’m also glad I did’t find them, because I’d have had to face the consequences of acting out my anger and that would have been bad. They were very lucky that Jo’s friend’s dad did’t find them – he was incandescent with rage at people picking on 12 year olds, and does’t have my religious beliefs!

Hey ho, rang police, will make insurance claim etc. etc. etc. Now we can’t go cycling at the weekend on our holiday – very annoying.

Waiting for the cops to call because they are supposed to call if a theft has witnesses … yeah, well, maybe … 21:30 now.