River Lune

We paddled from Rigmarden bridge down to Devil’s bridge at Kirkby Lonsdale. Grade 1-2 water with enough features to keep the more experienced people interested. Plenty of features to work your way back up etc. Novices had a good time breaking in and out. This is a good paddle but restricted to 8 craft at a time under the access agreement. The only tricky bit is right at the end where the river bends sharply and offers some interesting currents. I’d be a little careful about tackling that in an open boat.

Oracle Forms

Revisiting some old stuff in Oracle Forms. I had forgotten how rich an environment it was, even though totally proprietary. The Java world has a long way to go to even get close. Open source, forget it, unless I write something myself.

Fun with OBE

This is the workflow engine I found on sourceforge. I need to spend some time working with the examples, it uses an XML-based open standard for the workflow definitions which are very heavy. The design tool seems weird to me. I can’t work out how you would attach a step outcome to a joining arrow. The XML has some worrying stuff that looks like someone has been reading a textbook on petri nets, so you get things like definition of graph edges rather than simply transitions. Looks like an academic purist has been having fun. I think I might resurrect FWE. There is another engine on sourceforge that I downloaded but haven’t had a chance to look at yet.