More than 1 code editing window

(Thanks to Nadia for this one)

Yes, it is possible, when you want another window select the pl/sql object you are interested in editing and press ctrl-shift before you double-click. The new window appears on top of the old one but you can move it. No more navigating to find something out, writing it down (or pasting it into the buffer) and then navigating all the way back. Ah, the joy of getting into the 1980’s, it’s too much.

Adding elements in the middle of a pick list

(Thanks to Ade for this one)

To add an element press ctrl-shift->, remove press ctrl-shift-<

If anyone out there knows how to move elements into a different place, don’t hold back, I’ll add it here.

I’ve never seen either of these tips in the documentation, and yes, I did once go on an Oracle course when I were a lad.