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> Absence of sophisticated IDE/Debugging tools – Eclipse/IDEA/MS-Visual Studio excel in this realm. Rails IDE has a lot of catching up to do.

The NetBeans Rails tool (free) has all this, as does 3rd Rail (paid for and excellent) and there are at least 2 Rails plugins for Eclipse – wake up!

> 4. Due to its scripting nature and other things, it could not handle large volume of requests as gracefully as other frameworks. It allows developer to write working but incorrect code since there is no strong data types.

Have a look at what Bruce Eckel (author of classics “Thinking in C++” and “Thinking in Java”) has to say about strong types vs. proper testing – he now advocates Python and test frameworks. Strong typing is only half of what needs to be tested, and the least useful half. The Rails philosophy is BUILT on agile methods, constant testing etc. and it’s really easy to do. You must have forgotten this. One lone developer making a mistake is a ridiculous argument – we don’t work that way on big projects – no-one does – and strong typing gives you a false sense of security.

Java is an interpreted language too, you know, and people used to say exactly the same things about performance. Ruby 1.9 is significantly faster than 1.8, JRuby is also pretty quick. Rails 2.0 has lots of performance improvements, mostly based on getting HTTP efficencies that Java folks need to look at too.

Twitter and the Human Genome project are both built using Ruby on Rails – they are huge and don’t have a problem. “Rails does’t scale” – rubbish, do some research.