Spent the day evaluating Oracle Repository. I quite like it, as far as it goes. I’m busy preparing a powerpoint so I can share my conclusions with the rest if the company.

It isn’t as good as some products (but is better than PVCS) but to be honest, if you’re an Oracle partner or have a site licence, you should consider it .

I used dimensions (made by merant) and it had a kind of workflow in it that sort of made sense. But the Oracle one just allows you to do version control and create folders which are themselves subject to version control, which I quite like.

The only annoying thing is that you have to turn version control on and then grant it to yourself which is really annoying; but then you only have to do it once.

One irritating thing is that it doesn’t have the ability to embed version numbers into files out of the box. In its current form you have to buy an Oracle Consulting Option to add this facility, which is a pain.