Lots of competent people, who think carefully about the problem, making small contributions is how it works. Don’t knock it. I’m a bit jealous of people who have made a contribution, which I know is weird of me. At times I feel like I’m trying to do a Michelangelo on the ubiquitous slab of marble, and not being allowed to find David, more like a badly-executed urinal without a drain hole.

(ClamAV) I need to get some up to date AV on my home machines. Was going to look at the OS stuff partly ‘cos I’m a tight wad and mostly ‘cos I want to support the OS movement.

I intend to make the Pharmarketeer stuff OS (collaborative evidence-based marketing – something like that). I’m trying to keep myself under control at the moment and do all of the work on pencil and paper until I’ve really thought through what’s required. Then I could make it into a book and get some residual from the book and consultancy work, just a thought. The move to MySQL is going slowly because I can’t connect to the database. Should have that cracked soon.

Ah well, back to me slab…