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I’ve been using it for a while now, moved because of incompatibility issues.

Perhaps the complete redesign of the interface? Try finding “save as” in Excel – the File menu no longer exists FFS! It is there, but nowhere obvious.

Perhaps the “ribbo” that takes up half your screen if you’re on a low-res machine?

Perhaps the redesign of formatting in Word, which was way better than Open Office, to be almost unusable and no longer number headings properly?

I think XP was the terminal release.

I also read that MS have got rid of a lot of their testers and gone in for automated testing of everything – so the whole usability thing they spent billions on has gone out of the door.

Open Office is more compatible with XP than Office 2007 – wtf were they thinking? I recon OO will really take off now.

Thanks, guys, for wasting my time. Can I send you a bill?