Was trying to do something like:

type long_string is varchar2(32767) ;

The compiler didn’t like it at all. In fact you have to declare this :

subtype long_string is varchar2(32767) ;

It looks like the language designer was being a little pedantic to me but hey, what do I care, only had to RTFM. This does have the advantage in packages etc. that means you can now just say:

fred long_string ;

when you are declaring things, and if you want to change the size of things it’s easy and in one place. To go the whole hog you could have a package header with your standard types in (don’t need a body btw):

create or replace package project_types is
 subtype long_string is varchar2(32767) ;
 subtype short_string is varchar2(200) ;
 subtype flag is char(1) ;
 subtype delimiter is varchar2(10) ;
— And so on
end project types ;

Then just declare stuff as

fred project_types.long_string ;

Then you can insulate yourself against having to make global search/replace across your whole project. Subtypes transparently work within the base type. I would also recommend declaring yourself a ref cursor type (why there isn’t a standard one and you have to declare the king stupid thing every time is one of those little mysteries), if you haven’t got the SYS one available (sys.rc).


Went to Holme Pierpoint and had a pretty good time except when I screwed up and came down the concrete, fell in and my roll wouldn’t work ‘cos I was being pressed back under by the force of the water. Need to work on rolling on both sides and using the reverse screw roll more. Next week’s practice items I think. Need to buy more thermals!


My laptop has arrived so I can go on the road and work on my pet projects. My old lappy would just about run Mess Werd. Hey – I can even watch DVD’s! Short story about half done. Need to buy one of those security devices.

Looking forward to seeing the family this weekend.

Blogging works

Used my blog to locate some code I have used before. Very useful. Recommend blogging to everyone who needs to keep track of things. I had a look at my utilities package and it’s a bit out of date now

Blessings upon you all, dear readers (all 2 of you).