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I don’t develop on Windows any more.

Last time I used VS it ate the machine and installed a ton of services running SQL Server and other .Net stuff without even asking or explaining what it was doing. It’s just a fancy editor with a ton of macros built in that integrates with these services once you’ve understood how to use it. So what?

On Linux gedit is fully customisable with little bits of python code (most of which you can get from elsewhere so you don’t have to write them yourself). One of my colleagues has managed to get it looking like his beloved TextMate. Emacs runs on all platforms including windows and is more customisable than any other editor I’ve ever used (but you need to buy the O’Reilly book to get anywhere with it IMO).

I dunno, VS is heavy, slow and invasive, as is Windows. Mind you, so are most of the Java platforms too – but they don’t install a load of crap that slow your boot down even more …

I installed Wubi so I can switch back to Windows if I have to, but very rarely do. The machine looked like it needed to be upgraded because it was so slow. It’s like I’ve got a new machine. So why would I run windows and VS?