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I think that right-thinking people should reclaim the word “liberal”. To me it means allowing people to get on with their lives without too much interference, or at least that’s what it meant originally. I do think that ensuring people have safe places to work and live are reasonable objectives, the problem is where to stop interfering.

I live in the People’s Socialist Republic of Great Britain (it is, honest). My government, alleged “liberals” all, have been part of the biggest attack on my rights since the second world war. You can only be “liberal” if you agree with them, which isn’t my understanding of the word at all. They hate dissent and love giving their friends handouts. The best example of this is the ring-fencing of public-sector pensions (agreed about a week ago) where the rest of us have to go with the market. So, the tax payers are subsidising the tax wasters.

I could say a lot more but need to get back to earning my daily crust, keep up the good work, people need to stand up for common sense and against the dead hand of bureacracy.