Got me keys sorted. In the end I split the monsta query into two passes. Been having a hassle where some of the tables don’t have primary keys. I was trying to use primary keys as a first cut for the relationships in my deepcopy tables. Not a problem, will just have to be done by hand. As I’m prototyping now I decided to simply ignore the problem until it matters. Gone back to the high-level design and looking at the business rules.

Got postres going last night on the laptop. No problem.

Reviewed my project and discovered – horror! – a bug in one of the early phases that I need to think about. The generated SQL wouldn’t work in postgres ‘cos the view handler routine is knackered. Ah well; can’t be perfect all of the time.

Got a subscription copy of .Net developer. Now I just need to think of what I need to develop on it! Probably loads a tutorials to start with.

Watched DVD of Dog Soldiers – it was ok but if I see another pound of sausages covered with Kensington Gore (stage blood), I’ll have to hit someone. Then they superglued the sarge’s wound back together and he didn’t die. I dunno, I thought guts should twitch a bit, particularly when still attached, and he didn’t just die of some galloping infection before the werewolf magic took over and healed him.

Going to ring round the wifi network providers in Nottingham tonight with a view to taking the lappy and getting some connectivity. If you’re looking for Wifi stuff try, I also had a go with but they didn’t seem to have as much info. Note for UK peeps, on the first site select United Kingdom, not UK, cos it wont’ find anything. Thanks to Roger for the URLs.

Discovered that the new google toolbar will selectively suppress popups. Very useful.