I had a bit of an epiphany yesterday when I went for a walk in the beautiful sunshine after work. I was thinking about how there seems to be a lot of special days in the Buddhist calendar, you know, auspicious days and not. If everything is empty then why is any time or space any more auspicious than any other? I need an answer to this, I think.

That said, I can see that movements in the sea of karma means that there are times when a little push or touch would have a big effect and others where massive effort would have no effect but why would it necessarily be every so many days in the lunar month? There is a kind of odd rigidity in this which I don’t think Buddha would have wanted. I need to talk this through again.

As I came back from this walk, talking to myself as usual, the whole of the world around me seemed to pulse and move with fantastic detail. I wanted to lie down on the gravel path I was walking on and swim in it. Very odd, beautiful moment.

As the Buddha said: The end of all gathering is dispersion; the end of all building is ruin; the end of all meeting is parting; the end of all birth is death