I decided to try using Mozilla Firefox as my browser of choice. After I got the Java and Flash plug-ins installed it works fine. I like it a lot, particularly the tabbed interface, where you aren’t constantly going back to favorites over and over again.

I really like right-click, open in new tab!

One thing about tabs, though, there is a security vulnerability which is currently being fixed in that a naughty website can pop-up a confirm your password dialog box while you are in a secure tab. So, if you want to talk to your bank etc. then close all tabs or start a new window without them.

I hate these hacker bastards, wasting my time and energy.

Oracle JInitiator

Found this on another web site, you just need to go to c:program filesOracleJInitiatorx… (there’s one for each JInit you’ve installed) and copy the NPJinitXXXX.dll’s into the firefox plug in directory. These must be the JInitiatior files for NetScape, which Firefox understands.

Blog City

I’m quite happily using Firefox with the Java plug-in except for a minor thing with pressing the return key not inserting <p> tags. I’ve raised it but it’s not that much of a problem TBH.