Deborah is back from China where her team came 20th in the search and rescue competition. There were a lot of Chinese teams and they were about 4th or 5th or so if you only included one of them, but rules is rules. The girls worked out that they had scored about the same points as last year in Atlanta where they finished 5th. They had a great time and the people were really hospitable.

Straight after this she went to Chemistry camp in Leeds and did projects about dying and forensic chemistry – had a good time there too. Now she’s at guide camp!


Basically playing Warcraft as much as he can get away with and doing as little as he can get away with. 


Very busy having her holidays digging gardens and hurting her back. Then she’s back for a week and then on holiday again. The joys of working flexitime – she has to use the holidays or lose them.


I’ve finished my radio play and an essay that I will publish here. Very busy at work but not working silly hours at the moment.