Forms again

I can’t get one of our internal servers to use the servlet so I gave up and went back to port 9000 with some alacrity after wasting a day on it.


Spending a lot of personal time on this but it beats TV. I managed to get my Java Lisp interpreter (Jisp) to compile but it doesn’t do anything useful yet. It’s interesting building a parser in Java because it doesn’t have goto so writing those state machines is quite hard – I have decided to use recursion instead, as long as the gotos go back to the beginning of the function it should work fine. It occurred to me that I could do something like SAX but it seemed a bit over the top. I’ve started using Eclipse, which I didn’t like originally, but I think that it works when you are writing stuff from scratch, a la open source, but JDeveloper is very good at the old beans and that kind of crap.


I’ve abandoned Lisp Studio and started using CLISP and VIM. I like Vim a lot and it works very well matching braces etc. It’s charityware and works very well, I even got it going in KDE running on top of cygwin (after compiling with the GUI switched on).


Well, light nights here again. Lots of work with the club, most Thursdays at Llangohllen. Did the upper section of the Tryweryn again last week (2 weeks on the trot). Still pretty sore but survived OK and worked on my skills. Still need to make the breakouts near the middle of the graveyard. One tip, get into the eddy behind the tree on river right before it speeds up so you can scout before the current takes you roaring down it.

There is also a route at the bridge with the diagonal wave (Mrs. Something’s bridge?) hard on river left that drops you into the nice eddy, rather than that tricky recirculating bastard on the right.

I must fit a new back rest to the Big EZ cos the old one broke, can only get Pyrhana ones but it should do.

Diary stuff

Didn’t get to Camelot because it wasn’t open. Went to Park Farm near Welshpool. Had a good day. My mother in law has just moved up from Cambridge into a rented house. It’s near the park and the kids like it there. About 15 mins walk from home, just far enough.