Well, J’s docking station finally recycled after 5 weeks. Still got N’s hiding away on a spare desk.

Went to the Crosby coast guard last night for a chat about what they do and so forth. Pretty interesting evening.

Having my usual hate relationship with HTML. Did some refactoring today to put some repeated code where it needed to be so that I could fix the HTML once, but it still isn’t right. Probably need to create a little sub-table and format each bit in its’ own. Gah, crappy

Managed to get Palm to synchronise using the IR port (you need to disable the picture sending capability) see http://homepage.ntlworld.com/alanjmcf/comms/infrared/IrDA%20FAQ.html

. Many thanks to alanmjc and google.

Have a vague plan to start writing a commentry on Michael Moore’s Stupid White Men from a UK perspective but it would probably get me feeling angry and helpless.